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Author: Marek Brun (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: May 2, 2007 2:12 PM
Version: 1.0
Views: 23,795
Downloads: 760
License: Mozilla Public License


What is MILib?

MiLib is a framework for ActionScript2.

It contains some fundamental elements (super-classes offering basic functionality, debugger and others), as well as those that be can used only occasionally (util-classes from the package pl.milib.util, singletons from pl.milib.managers, and service classes from pl.milib.mc).

MILib is compatibile with MTASC. Recommended editor is FDT.

MILib is both, a framework and a library.
As a framework MILib can be compared to a culture. This culture is simply a set of standards that I enstablished through all the years of writing in ActionScript. However, this culture can be adapted partly. It has its own rules. For example, every class has to extend MIClass class. Though, some of the rules can be left out (e.g. code formatting) just because everyone has their own standards.

In general, "MILib culture" consist of:
- initiating of the library by envoking the MILibUtil static method
- always extending of super-classes MIClass, MIBroadcastClass, MIRunningClass, MIWorkingClass. Behind each of these classes there is a certain concept:
    - MIClass is a fundament. It creates a connection to debugger and contains a deleting engine
    - MIBroadcastClass contains a broadcasting events engine
    - MIRunningClass contains a "start" and "finish" mechanism
    - MIWorkingClass contains a "start" and "finish" mechanism that has a defined working time
- a way of broadcasting and handling events
- processes servicing (MIRunningClass instance is one "atom of the process")
- MIObjects - a class for collecting objects. It is dealing with the service of objects with matched data (dictionary). It is intercepting events of all objects and reflecting them as its own together with a complete information about the event.
- a set of snippets
- classes for holding value: MIValue, MINumberValue, MIBooleanValue
- classes that are dealing with MovieClip, Button,Textfield
- structure of folders (src, src/Classes, web)
- a concept of three main swf files:
    - *._start.swf: a file that you load first (with preloader, loads: *_as.swf and *_gfx.swf)
    - *_as.swf: a file with AS created by MTASC
    - *_gfx.swf: a file with graphics
- formatting the class into the following blocks: events variables, variables, constructor, methods, static methods, events handling

As a library, MILib simply offers many classes ready to use. For example:
- util classes from the package pl.milib.util
- classes dealing with built-in objects: MovieClip, Button, TextField (transformation into MILib "culture" and extending their functionality)
- classes managing keyboard, cusor, mouse, cache methods envoking, envoking methods only once per frame
- classes dealing with interface elements, that use specific MovieClips structures

I recommend you to take a look into MILib map - http://milib.riaforge.org/screenshots/pl.png

Actually, this project has been created for many years. It is simply a result of experience of working on full-flash projects.

For more please also see:
Milib Wiki - http://code.google.com/p/milib/w/list
Video tutorials on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=minimPL

Feel free to ask about anything at a forum :)



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